Past Events

Summer Wellness Series 2021

Our inaugural Ryan’s Love of Life Summer Wellness Series 2021 provided community members with educational and informational knowledge of diverse clinical interventions that are available in our communities. The virtual series was geared towards raising awareness about mental health and/or addiction treatment that is evidence-based and effective to treat mental illness and addiction in our communities. The Summer Wellness Series 2021 was held virtually every Saturday morning from June 26th through August 28th

RLOL Volleyball Team 2021

Ryan’s Life of Life volleyball team debuted in the summer of 2021.  Mixed aged players gathered at the beautiful Manasquan, NJ beach from June to August to have fun playing volleyball while helping to reduce the stigma of mental health and addiction in our communities. Our goal is to normalize conversations around mental health and addiction, SO NO ONE SUFFERS ALONE AND IN SILENCE.

RLOL Inaugural Event 2022

Thanks to everyone for such a great time!  Proceeds from the RLOL benefit will provide transportation and mental health and addiction treatment to disadvantaged populations.